Can Water Damage Your Hair?

Can Water Damage Your Hair?

Believe it or not there are TWO types of water that you may have in your home. Both types of water have different affects on your hair ! Keep reading to find out how to tell what water you have, what the affects to your hair can be, and how to fix it if you are unsatisfied with your water system. 

Hard and soft water are the two different types of water you may have in you house. Hard water is high in mineral content. It contains calcium, magnesium, and traces of other minerals. The minerals accumulate during the water cycle and the more these minerals are dissolved the harder your water may be. If you have hard water you may be noticing things like stains in sinks and tubs, clothes feeling rough and losing color and you hair may feel dry and flat. When washing your hair with hard water you are unable to create a lot of bubbles when lathering your hair with shampoo and it also can be difficult to rinse it fully. Hard water can also cause hair to appear brassy and leave unwanted tones in the hair. 

Soft water is a surface water. This means it contains low concentrations of the ions that are in hard water (calcium and magnesium) Soft water will have the opposite effects of hard water. You will notice a healthy lather and suds when washing your hair. 

By now if you have discovered that you have hard water don’t panic! There are some adjustments you can make to your routine or your water system itself to ensure that your hair will not be effected. The biggest change you can make is installing a soft water system in to your home. However, if you’re not looking to take on that investment right now there are some temporary fixes. Chelating shampoos are designed to minimize or prevent mineral build up in the hair so consider swapping your regular shampoo for a chelating shampoo. An at home vinegar rinse can be helpful in getting rid of that buildup in the hair. Simply mix 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar mixed with a glass of water in a spray bottle. Add some drops of lavender oil and spray on your hair after you shampoo. Let it sit for 15 minutes and then rinse. The treatment will neutralize the effects of the  hard water and rid your hair of that gunky build up. Washing your hair less can also minimize the damages that hard water can cause. When you wash your hair too often your scalp produces natural oils which will leave your hair looking and feeling more greasy. Make dry shampoo your best friend and before you know it your day two hair will be looking like day one and avoiding that hard water!

For more information and ways you can avoid the effects of har water check out the video below.